Under Water Playtime

I got the opportunity to help at the SeaPerch event in Dallas TX on 04/02/2016.  SeaPerch is an  innovative underwater robotics program equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).  Scuba divers were there to help reset the underwater courses, either obstacle or finesse.  The obstacle course was 5 hoops in a line in 4 feet of water.  The ROV’s had to navigate the 5 hoops and reach the surface at the end and then reverse their course and return back to the controller.  Cord management was key for the Obstacle course.  The Finesse course had weighted hoops that could be placed in gradually smaller holes showing that they could control their ROV.  Next was using the ROV to push various buttons under water and a float would pop up.  Buttons were from the size of a quarter to softball.  Last was moving sliders on a level bar, with 4 bars of sliders.


This was my first opportunity to try out my GoPro 4 under water but since the water was about 10 degrees colder than advertised I let one of my friends take it out for a spin First.  I have more videos that I will be posting later.  I tried out some of the filters and am learning the art of screenshots as well.


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