July 9th & 10th Classroom and 16th & 17th lake class

We had a fun-filled classroom and pool session on July 9th & 10th.  a little pool-side instruction from Mike with Leora and John.

It was a typical July weekend in north Texas out at Clear Spring Scuba Park (east of Terrell, TX).  The quarry is calm and there’s lots of shade under the ScubaToys pavilion.

We did have to venture out in the sun to work on our navigation skills.  This skill hones in on being a good buddy while doing extra tasks.

After putting those navigation skills to work under water it was time for the students to head out with their buddy for a little fun diving.

And every student’s favorite picture!  The class photo.

Many thanks to our amazing Dive Masters –  Leora, Miles, John, and Tony.



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